Yo-pi mix

April 16, 2010

“Leave the worries of the world behind you”
“Center yourself”
“Close your eyes and listen to your body”
“Think of nothing”
“Exhale and let it all go”

Words that mean nothing when you’re reading them on your screen.

But when you hear them at the end of the day with soothing background music lightly caressing your aural canal, it can work wonders.

I’ve been wary of yoga for a while now — a stiff neck as a consequence of a difficult posture that an instructor told me I absolutely had to get right. So, I joined the Yo-Pi class beingyopi2 Yo pi mix offered on-campus with a lot of skepticism.

It was advertised to be a mix of Yoga and Pilates. Yoga, I was kind of familiar with. Pilates — I had no clue.

I found out soon enough that there is a lot of stretching and ab crunching involved. Also discovered that my core is as wobbly as jelly.

Being in the same room as teens and early 20-year-olds doesn’t help either — even though they say that this is their first time, I think they’re pro-contortionists!

I’m learning to take it easy.

It’s all about listening to your body and making it feel good, as the instructor says.

It’s quite another thing that the following day I’m really listening to my body! Aah, the aches and pains.

But that means, it’s working. I’m exercising muscles I didn’t know I had. Making them limber. Breathing right. Aligning my body. Precisely controlling my movements with my mind.

Most of all, I’m practicing how to focus on just one thing for one hour.

It’s hard to let the mind and body go.

To just be.

But I’m getting there.

Here’s a video if you want to see what a yo-pi mix entails.

Word of caution: do not try these exercises unsupervised. You could get seriously hurt.

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One Response to Yo-pi mix

  1. Krishna ChaitanyaNo Gravatar on April 16, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    If you are not sore, you have not worked out enough (or right)! That is my motto while working out.


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