The abnormal child

January 19, 2011

This is from when I was in high school. Written in despair after reading reports about an “abnormality” that was become more and more prevalent in India.

“He’s not a normal child,” I’ve always heard people say,
For having a different choice I’ve had a heavy price to pay;
They’ll look at me strangely and sneer at my face,
They’ll term me an outcast — I will be the talk of the day.

I’ve been fascinated by boys and boys everywhere,
For me, girls are creatures just beautiful and fair;
Men have the muscles, the grit, the determination;
Women are just necessary pieces of decoration.
My teenage friends all talked about girls,
They were simply obsessed by the other sex’s curls
While I stood and watched them closely one by one,
They were all very smart and attractive and fun.
There were Ramesh, Ravi, Rahul and Rajiv,
And Sheetal, Sam, Suresh and Sanjeev…
They wondered at first why I had no girlfriends
And then I began wondering too,”Was I in need of amends?”
Slowly but steadily I was being denied a normal life,
They ran away from me as if there was a need to hide;
I felt all alone in this whole wide world,
Into the fangs of misery I was being lulled;
And then I read somewhere — something that rang a bell,
That article spelled my life — it sounded my death knell…
I knew my “problem” now, but did not know how to face it,
“Why me, God? Why me? ” Was there a way to explain it?
The terrible trauma for my parents began
When I told them I wanted to live my life with a man,
My mother could not believe her ears when she heard,
She only said that her son had been cursed.
The remedy was to marry me to a beautiful young lass
Who would drive this crazy notion from my head – Alas!
I protested…I threatened…I shouted…I wailed…
They were adamant and my fight was of no avail.

Tomorrow is the day she’s to get married to me
But I cannot allow it — how can it be?
I have decided to put an end to my plight,
It’s better to die than to be a part of this hideous life…
I will not be alive to see tomorrow’s sun — no way,
Let my death bring the truth out — let everyone know I was gay!

16081BD1A60533E0F1173D28DE4F0D3F The abnormal child

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2 Responses to The abnormal child

  1. PriyaNo Gravatar on January 20, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Beautiful poem, and I rarely like any! I always get irritated by people saying that being homosexual is abnormal!! Who are we to decide what that person should do with his/her life, right! Plus it is entirely psychological and entirely uncontrollable, and people just don’t understand that!
    Really nice post! :)

  2. Leeladhar KumarNo Gravatar on January 22, 2011 at 7:31 am

    Very nice.


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