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Stop abusing that apostrophe!


It’s not tattoo’s unless you’re saying, “The tattoo’s color faded.” It’s not you’re unless you mean you are. It’s not visitor’s unless you’re saying “It’s because of my visitor’s loyalty that I remain motivated to blog.” It’s not taco’s and burrito’s. It’s not “kid’s have fun on the weekend.” It’s not pizza’s or computer’s…
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Facebook: your personal recommendation engine

Is Facebook your personal recommendation engine?

Facebook is more popular than Google. At least it was in the week ending March 13. Even though it was a miniscule 0.4 percent increase over visits to the Internet search giant, it got a lot of tongues wagging. From being a platform where people raise virtual animals and open up their lives, Facebook…
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This, dat…whateva!

Quotation Marks

The last couple of weeks I have been busy updating the university style guide — you know the readily available, easily accessible booklet that serves as a “dictionary, a spelling reference, and a guide for basic grammar and punctuation”? A handy journal that helps you understand the difference between its and it’s, use and…
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Adding the element of surprise


A good way of managing my professional time, I’ve been told, is to prioritize. I have a daily to-do list, a white board which I update (anally) with a list of current and future projects, and a good idea of the importance attached to each project (all requests from the president’s office come first)….
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Use vs. Utilize


My friend and colleague Professor Andy Wood provides some insights into the usage of “Use vs. Utilize” today — interesting read. I agree with him in that utilize is often used in place of use to bolster credibility. simple strategy: bigger word, stronger impact The Grammar Girl’s take on the usage can be summed…
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