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One day

one day

Life gets in the way of one’s plans most times. But we always have that “one day” to look forward to when we will accomplish everything.
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The zero value of Google’s mind-numbing time-saving strategies


Since my earlier post today was more a book promotion than anything else, here’s the — ahem -real blog post. Many a days I feel like there’s not enough hours in a day to get everything done. I don’t have kids — and don’t know how people who do, get it done (they probably…
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When will you be back?


X number of weeks times X number of days times X number of hours times X number of minutes times X number of seconds times X number of breaths exhaled waiting for you to come back to see you to touch you to feel your warmth to hear your beating heart and smell your…
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Time is slipping away from me Today Like the sand in my hand The water from a broken dam Tears of grief I can’t hold on to it No matter how hard I try It’s slipping like an ice cube An oiled burglar A slurpy noodle A skier gone astray A foot on a…
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What’s on your wishlist?

Make a wish

In an increasingly-consumerist world, most of us have our wishlists — on Amazon, GifTag,Wishlistr…or simply in our heads. Some want to own the Bugatti Veyron and wear a Tecnica Skeleton Chronograph wristwatch. Some wish they could live in a 15-bedroom mansion. Some want to hoard the most expensive gadgets and amenities money can buy….
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Adding the element of surprise


A good way of managing my professional time, I’ve been told, is to prioritize. I have a daily to-do list, a white board which I update (anally) with a list of current and future projects, and a good idea of the importance attached to each project (all requests from the president’s office come first)….
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