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Lifeless life


Should a person be subject to society’s rules and regulations when it comes to ending his completely dependent, excruciating life that has no hope of getting better?
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Living with Disabilities — Part 4

apples and oranges

Now that you’ve read Part1 — my difficulty dealing with the idea of having a disabled child (which really was about my issues with disabilities); Part 2 — Nancy’s journey of adapting to a life on a wheelchair; and Part 3 — Bette’s constant struggle with diabetes, here is a look at some other…
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What does being ethical mean?

Dictionary definition of ethics

I’ve always had a hard time explaining ethics. Let me give you an example: why do I think lying is wrong? Because my parents told me so and because my teachers reinforced that idea in elementary and middle school. It was drilled into my being that it’s unethical (at an age when I didn’t…
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The “religion” of humanity


Note: Fair warning that this post might offend some people. You may find yourself outraged, but please know, I am not attacking your belief system, simply stating my own. I would appreciate if you’d extend the same courtesy to me when commenting. Watching Religulous last night just made me realize how we give a…
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A marriage of lies

Tiger Woods

I watched about 10 minutes of the Tiger Woods apology this morning. Seeing this iconic figure say to the world “I failed you,” was moving. He’s not the first man in time to have strayed from his values, his family, his wife. Many before him have faltered. Have cheated. Have lied. Many continue to…
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