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Back in the game


I’m back in the world of blogging having disappeared for a while in the black hole of iPhoneography and meeting the demands of a new job routine.
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A new beginning

make a difference

I embark on a new journey — a journey of gratification through giving.
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Thank you, Santa Clara


I have neglected this blog for way too long but as a new chapter unfolds in my life, I hope to do a better job with my writing routine. For now, it’s time to say thank you.
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Playing catch up

pen and paper

A conversation in the workplace reminds me what I enjoy doing most. And it’s not cool when someone plagiarizes that which I take most pride in.
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One day

one day

Life gets in the way of one’s plans most times. But we always have that “one day” to look forward to when we will accomplish everything.
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Deciding what is news


Who decides what is news? Journalists and editors relying on their judgment training or trending topics in Twitterverse?
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See you on the other side


As I bid adieu to 2010, I hope you’ll take the time connect or reconnect with my musings. It’s been a wonderful ride and I look forward to your company in 2011.
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Create your own LinkedIn buzzwords


Are you selling your brand online in a way that will catch recruiters’ attention? Is your LinkedIn profile run-of-the-mill? Is anyone even noticing?
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Mansi asks: What is success?

Key to success

How do you define success? In this edition of “Mansi asks:” I investigate how to quantify and qualify the meaning of this word. Tell me what success means to you.
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Tired of the 9 to 5


This post is not a veiled resignation letter, but it certainly is a plea for help, for advice, for guidance, for validation and for a reasonable, rational kind of support.
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