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Nowhere to hide

nowhere to hide

Journal entry of the all-powerful diva who is really a 10-year-old inside.
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Once upon a time…


An estimated 100 million people are homeless worldwide. 100 million people who were like you and me at some point in their lives. 100 million people with pasts we readily discount. 100 million people with stories that start with “once upon a time…”
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The magic touch


Your fingers pressing into my skin soft but relentless goading exploring touching feeling tirelessly working on those muscles that have tied themselves up tightly into knots from hours and hours of sitting on the computer typing straining my neck arched my shoulders tense not knowing relaxation for days on end and then your fingers…
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When will you be back?


X number of weeks times X number of days times X number of hours times X number of minutes times X number of seconds times X number of breaths exhaled waiting for you to come back to see you to touch you to feel your warmth to hear your beating heart and smell your…
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The seven ages

The Seven Ages of Man

These days I am reminded a lot of Shakespeare’s “The Seven Ages of Man” from the play “As You Like It.” I had it memorized for elocution contests in school and remember being lauded for my oratory. One teacher had commented that the passion I bring to the poem tells her I “get it.”…
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I wonder…

Thinker in the group

I wonder what it’s like To believe Not question Conform Not think Be a machine Live in a box Go with the flow Do the easy thing I wonder what it would be like To go a day Or a week Without contemplating Or challenging The norm Becoming part of a group Give in…
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F r e e yourself


Free yourself Of expectations Money Restrictions Constraints. Free yourself Of limitations Material bindings Wants and needs. Free yourself Of ambition A job Stress Demands. Free yourself Of competition Hype Frustrations Pain. Free yourself Of order Routine Planning. Free yourself Of  obligations Rituals Guilt Remorse. Free your “self” From your body. Be a stream of…
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Day after day after day…


It’s 7:41 p.m. PST. An entire day gone by in a whirlwind of activity. Meetings, phone calls, e-mails, conversations around the office, IMs. Non-stop exchange of information. Reactions. Elation. Emotions. The need for a pause button deepens. No reprieve from the craziness. As I splash some water on my face I close my eyes…
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Stop Child Abuse

This one is from the archives. This poem holds a special meaning for me because of two reasons: It was recognized by UNICEF as a literary piece spreading awareness about child abuse, specifically that of the girl child. It introduced me to my life partner — this was the first piece of my writing…
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Protected: An ode to my best friend

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