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Walk with me

Roses in the Mission Gardens

A short stroll in the middle of the day can work wonders to rejuvenate one’s mind and body. Join me in my walk today…
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Photoblogger for September


Congratulations to Sarthak Singhal for being selected Photoblogger of the Month! Another engineer whose passion for photography makes me wonder why he’s behind the computer screen coding instead of spending all his time behind the lens. Based in Bangaluru — India’s Silicon Valley — Singhal steals time from his engineering duties to photograph birds,…
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I want to be…

giant sequoia tree

I want to be a giant sequoia tree Standing tall And gracefully In my old age Unfazed by fires And competition Riding high on My success – A result of Hard work And hardiness. —- I want to be a giant sequoia tree One in a million Sturdy, long-lasting Growing stronger With every Passing…
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My special place

Two Jack Lake 2010

There are places You go to And know you’ll Never be able To visit again. Places that you Want to soak in Make them one With your being Through your eyes Into your soul. These are places That remain Vivid in your Mind’s eye Each detail Rich Like you were there Yesterday. You take…
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Where time stands still

Niagara Falls

Thunder. Rain. Birds cawing. Cold. Deafening roar. I had not been happier. And the emotion was duplicated everywhere I looked. People of all ages, ethnicities and gender grinning from ear to ear; noses red; hands frozen; eyes welling with emotion. Wet from head to toe. But feeling fulfilled. Content. Satiated. Such force. The fury….
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Sunset on the beach

Sunset on the beach

Have you ever walked on the beach around sunset? It seems other-worldly. The mist and the light conjuring up a surreal scene. So fragile. So serene. People soaking in the last rays of the sun. Reveling in the beauty of the moment. Some, like this woman, staring into the endless ocean. Seeking answers ……
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A journey of self-discovery

The journe to self-discovery isn't easy

I sat in silence. The sky engulfed me. So did the greenery. It was a meditative state … hearing nothing but the chirping of the birds. The sound of the breeze in the rustling leaves. The smell of grass. Everything kissed by the sun. I was at peace. As I cocked my head to…
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I see wonderful things


With a kid’s eyes — colorful, happy, simple, fast. With wonderment and innocence. With awe and surprise. My eyes glistening, my mouth wide open, my breath short. With a zeal to enjoy the moment. Live in it. And then move on to the next. With equal excitement. I saw wonderful things this past weekend…
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