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A life without expectations

Finding Love

Do you really believe that relationships can be devoid of expectations? I know they’d be ideal, but I also know they’re not real.
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Marital rape — an oxymoron?


Is marital rape a myth? Some people would like you to believe it is because a woman, when she gets married, loses her right to say no.
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The abnormal child


Why can’t we let people decide who they want to love and be with? Isn’t it an intimately personal decision?
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The ties that bind


An ode to a friendship that has crossed the line into kinship.
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Here, but not really


I see it everyday. You probably do, too. People physically with each other, but really half a world away.
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See you on the other side


As I bid adieu to 2010, I hope you’ll take the time connect or reconnect with my musings. It’s been a wonderful ride and I look forward to your company in 2011.
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Parenting tips you won’t find anywhere else

sleeping baby

A list of absolute no-no’s for new and old parents … this is not something you find in Parenting 101.
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The other side of me

other side of me

I see you in the shower head bowed eyes closed standing still letting the water wash away your stress. I see you eyes glazed over staring into the technicolor images on the TV but not really watching anything. I see you watering the plants lost in your own world as you pluck out dead…
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When memories are all you have…

incomplete without you

It was 7 p.m. As he drove home on Dubai’s busy commuter streets, his mind wandered. He knew this was going to be another long drive. If Neela were sitting in the passenger seat, it would have been a long, chatty drive — with her doing all the talking. The air conditioner was roaring…
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Gifts men should not give women

Woman Receiving a Gift

I recently read a blog post talking about why men should give women flowers and instantly I knew I had to do a follow-up post of my own on why men shouldn’t! While I’m at it, I might as well list everything else I think men should not gift women. 1. Let’s start with…
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