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Disturbingly profound

wool hat

It’s time to remove my thinking cap and put on my writing hat. I’m not really a hat person, though — I’ve skeptically tried on hats at various Gap and Target stores usually on excursions with mom (when she visits) or friends. They shop and I wait around, glancing at my iPhone every 45…
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The truth

reality and truth

Is your truth better or more correct than my truth? Is your truth wiser and more real than my truth? Isn’t your truth the same as my truth in not being universal? Isn’t your truth an amalgamation of experiences in life through your perspective? Isn’t my truththe same in that it is different from…
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Living with the dying

Doctors and nurses caricature

Before I met Patt, I had no idea what it was like for someone relatively young to be “ready” for death. Her indomitable spirit and joyful nature helped ease the suffering for her and her family, but a lot of credit goes to the nurses and the hospice care team who ensured her every…
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Celebrating Life

Patt showing a thumbs up

Patt’s favorite word was “Cool.” When I met her the first — and last — time she was in bed, attached to countless tubes. She could barely talk – her limited slurred speech was difficult to understand. She couldn’t get up, couldn’t swallow, and couldn’t breathe on her own. She couldn’t feed herself other…
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How will you be remembered?

Photo of loved one

Loving, caring, compassionate Wife, daughter and friend Enjoyed writing Cooking Playing with toddlers. Funny in her sarcastic way Witty, intelligent, feminist Traveled the world Wrote numerous Bestsellers. Taught others How to pause And smell the flowers Appreciate their loved ones And count their blessings. Always sought New knowledge Asking questions Relentlessly Of friends and…
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Success – Loosely defined

Tony Anders

After spending a quarter century in the beauty industry, Tony realized his passion had shifted from what was happening on the outside of people to what was occuring on the inside. Years of listening to other’s stories led him to seek a deeper spiritual understanding of how all things are connected. Tony’s own challenges…
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First Impressions

Susan Boyle was booed as soon as she appeared on stage based on first impressions

Many of you have asked me why I chose the name “First Impressions” for this blog. I was considering “My Spot in the Sun” because this space would focus on my thoughts; “Rambling Thoughts of a Restless Mind” because some times that’s what I end up writing about — and y’all know how restless…
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Eliminating the “could haves”

Regret at what would could have been

It slipped, it fell, it broke. Image by LexnGer via Flickr A lifetime of memories in one little container. Gone in a second. You could have been more careful handling it. You could have wiped your hands clean instead of picking it up right after you did the dishes. You could have reacted a…
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Does it matter?

One 4th grade girl's self-image

Image by Todd Ehlers via Flickr “I don’t feel like a 60-year-old when I look in the mirror,” said a friend the other day. “I feel so much younger!” I responded, “I feel like I am still in my early 20s!” She went on to say…”Yeah but for the person watching me cross the…
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What’s on your wishlist?

Make a wish

In an increasingly-consumerist world, most of us have our wishlists — on Amazon, GifTag,Wishlistr…or simply in our heads. Some want to own the Bugatti Veyron and wear a Tecnica Skeleton Chronograph wristwatch. Some wish they could live in a 15-bedroom mansion. Some want to hoard the most expensive gadgets and amenities money can buy….
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