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Miss me, much?

Mansi blue eyes

My site was flagged as suspicious by Google three days ago. Here is a blog post that summarizes my experience in the last 72 hours and what I learned from it.
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The zero value of Google’s mind-numbing time-saving strategies


Since my earlier post today was more a book promotion than anything else, here’s the — ahem -real blog post. Many a days I feel like there’s not enough hours in a day to get everything done. I don’t have kids — and don’t know how people who do, get it done (they probably…
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Facebook: your personal recommendation engine

Is Facebook your personal recommendation engine?

Facebook is more popular than Google. At least it was in the week ending March 13. Even though it was a miniscule 0.4 percent increase over visits to the Internet search giant, it got a lot of tongues wagging. From being a platform where people raise virtual animals and open up their lives, Facebook…
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Here a buzz, there a buzz

Google Buzz

Everywhere a buzz buzz! Yes, I am talking about Google Buzz. Who isn’t? Hyped as the next big thing after Twitter, Buzz is supposed to seamlessly integrate all the interesting conversations you have with folks online with your Gmail interface. People in my network are trying it out in various ways: having real-time multi-user…
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The five W’s of Web writing

Five W's of Web writing

Before you start posting any informational content on your personal or professional website, consider answering the five W’s as clearly and simply as possible: Who is your audience? Kids? Young adults? Seniors? Parents? Tech-nerds? Tech-dudds? General interest community? A combination of two or more of the above? What is your message? Is it to…
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