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World Cup Discoveries


India wins the Cricket World Cup after 28 years and I discover something startling about myself.
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Thank you, Santa Clara


I have neglected this blog for way too long but as a new chapter unfolds in my life, I hope to do a better job with my writing routine. For now, it’s time to say thank you.
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A life without expectations

Finding Love

Do you really believe that relationships can be devoid of expectations? I know they’d be ideal, but I also know they’re not real.
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The abnormal child


Why can’t we let people decide who they want to love and be with? Isn’t it an intimately personal decision?
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The ties that bind


An ode to a friendship that has crossed the line into kinship.
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Here, but not really


I see it everyday. You probably do, too. People physically with each other, but really half a world away.
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See you on the other side


As I bid adieu to 2010, I hope you’ll take the time connect or reconnect with my musings. It’s been a wonderful ride and I look forward to your company in 2011.
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Mansi asks: What lasts longer — love or friendship?


In this week’s series of “Mansi asks:” I wonder aloud if a state of mind (love) lasts longer than a relationship (friendship). What do you think?
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The other side of me

other side of me

I see you in the shower head bowed eyes closed standing still letting the water wash away your stress. I see you eyes glazed over staring into the technicolor images on the TV but not really watching anything. I see you watering the plants lost in your own world as you pluck out dead…
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From Iowa with love…

scarf detail

“Dear Goddess,” started the letter. She had obviously read my post and committed the meaning of my name to memory. I was speechless as the contents of the carefully unwrapped package were revealed. I stared at this piece of sheer beauty for a good 30 seconds before I bent forward to touch it. The…
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