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When sons trump daughters


Despite the fact that Indian daughters go above and beyond to support their parents, it is still desirable to have a son. Why? So parents can depart peacefully.
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Thank you, Dad — part 2


Both parts of this post are an entry in Blogadda’s Tribute to Dad contest, sponsored by Pringoo. CoolDad For kids who love their fathers This is part two of a two-part series dedicated to my father. Read part 1 here. ——- We discovered, in mom’s absence, that we would rather not be domesticated. Sometimes…
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I love you, Ma — part 2

scared Ma in water

This is part two of a two-part essay dedicated to my mom. Read part one here. Ma opted for voluntary retirement at the peak of her career. After committing 28 years of her life to the bank she quit at the prime age of 48. She said she needed to do it, so I…
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Celebrating women for a day

Women's Day doesn't do anything for women in real life

Here is an article I wrote for Hindustan Times a couple of years ago. For my readers in India, let me know if things have changed for the better on the streets, in the houses, at work … —————— In 1909 some women textile workers in New York went on strike. After thirteen weeks…
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I am my own woman

Wedding Bangles

We were newlyweds at the Lucknow airport checking in for our flight to New Delhi, onwards to San Francisco — we had been assigned seats a couple of rows away from each other, so we requested to be seated together. The agent refused. “You don’t have the same last names,” he said. Wait. What?…
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