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A sliver of India


When seen through an Indian’s eyes, India looks very different from the promos one sees internationally. It’s not about the monuments, it’s about the moments.
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Of life, death and living

Steve Jobs

1991, 1997, and then again in 2011, I’ve experienced a sudden rush of overwhelming grief. This year, though, it’s been followed by the realization that death can come unannounced to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
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I will miss you, Nani

Nani and me

My maternal grandmother passed away on Saturday. I don’t know if there is a heaven, but I hope she has gone to a happy, pain-free place. Love you, Nani.
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World Cup Discoveries


India wins the Cricket World Cup after 28 years and I discover something startling about myself.
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Lifeless life


Should a person be subject to society’s rules and regulations when it comes to ending his completely dependent, excruciating life that has no hope of getting better?
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Mansi asks: Are people inherently good or evil?


We are all born the same, but some of us are distinctly capable of evil things while others just aren’t. Do you believe that we are fundamentally good or we’re good only because we’re taught to be so?
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A patriot’s story


A soldier stationed on the border is passionate about protecting his country. Why can’t all of us be as passionate about preserving this planet?
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Marital rape — an oxymoron?


Is marital rape a myth? Some people would like you to believe it is because a woman, when she gets married, loses her right to say no.
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The abnormal child


Why can’t we let people decide who they want to love and be with? Isn’t it an intimately personal decision?
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Perfect, not

disabled girl

It’s 2011 and yet we don’t seem to have gotten out of the rut that discriminates against disabled women. I’m not hopeful things will change for the better any time soon. Are you?
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