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If not now … when?


There are millions of excuses to procrastinate. Only one good reason to do what you want NOW: the certainty of mortality; the uncertainty of life.
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The grass is always greener…


The grass may look greener on the other side, but step over the fence and you realize what you have is what works for you best.
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Create your own LinkedIn buzzwords


Are you selling your brand online in a way that will catch recruiters’ attention? Is your LinkedIn profile run-of-the-mill? Is anyone even noticing?
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Mansi asks: What is success?

Key to success

How do you define success? In this edition of “Mansi asks:” I investigate how to quantify and qualify the meaning of this word. Tell me what success means to you.
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…and you are?

who are you

How do you answer the question of who you are? Do you immediately rattle of your job title? Is that all you are?
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Re-writing my life story


What gives you utmost peace … what can you immerse yourself in day in an day out and derive so much pleasure from it that you become oblivious to everything else? I think I have found my answer. Have you?
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Manage your manager

Michael Scott

Managing your manager takes a lot of time and energy, some manipulation, and a Zen approach. Here are some tips based on my personal experience. I’d love to hear yours.
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The three M’s


As I read Tony Anders’ inspiring blog post about the journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step, I was struck by this line: I have found that for me, movement creates motivation, and motivation turns into momentum! This sentence stayed with me. I had not realized that this is exactly what I have…
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What does “a calling” mean anyway?

@ Crossroads

Over lunch one day a friend was telling me about Chip Conley‘s book, How Great Companies Get their Mojo from Maslow. She was impressed with his philosophy of using the model for personal success and translating that to businesses. Taking it from one individual’s “peak experiences” and applying them to corporate transformation. Part of…
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