Playing catch up

January 27, 2011

visual storytelling Playing catch upI haven’t been able to blog the past two days because there was just too much going on personally and professionally for me to think straight.

I was reminded that I am a storyteller but realized that the kind of storytelling I like doing best happens in front of the computer screen with the keyboard at my fingertips.

While visual storytelling may have its appeal for the thumb generation, I truly like to get out there, do my research, interview people, and translate their experiences into prose that will make readers pause, reflect, and maybe even take action.

Videos just don’t do that.

You look at a two-minute video and all you get is an overview. A skimming. A sample menu. Sure, it may work as a teaser and make you click on associated written content, but really how many people can you count on doing that?

A longer well-written piece that dissects all angles and presets a comprehensive take on an issue provides so much more latitude to a storyteller. That’s the medium where you get to tell the story.

Every other media only acts as a trailer.

And I guess just because one is good at something doesn’t mean one enjoys doing it.

Enough said about that. I suppose it just became clear to me that I am a writer first. Everything else I like doing or enjoy learning about comes second.

Also in other news, I found out this morning that a certain Harikrishna has been using my posts and passing them off as his own.

He even adds a copyright under them! Can you believe it? Plagiarism is alive and kicking, no doubt, but what people like him don’t understand is that as easy as it is to copy someone else’s work without attribution, it’s even easier these days to be tracked down when you do it. Especially in the blogosphere.

I have warned Mr. Harikrishna to either give credit where credit is due or take those two copied posts down. My goal is not to humiliate him publicly, but to get the message out that cheating is not OK.

I hope all of you are having a good week. I promise to respond to those unanswered comments sometime this weekend.

Keep reading and thanks for your interest in keeping this blog alive.

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2 Responses to Playing catch up

  1. suloNo Gravatar on January 28, 2011 at 12:14 am

    jesus!!! jus saw plagiarism happenin for real… hope u get this sorted soon.. best wishes…

  2. sarahNo Gravatar on January 30, 2011 at 2:49 am

    this is so very ridiculous. plagiarism infuriates me beyond words. hope this sorts out and the guy learns a lesson!


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