Breaking a “sacred” contract

MArriage Ceremony

I’m  not a big proponent of marriage (before you pass judgment on this seemingly-hypocrite statement, read on), so when I read Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off by Sandra Tsing Loh, I found myself nodding, chuckling and pondering. Growing up, I had these elaborate big fat Indian wedding fantasies (at one point in seventh…
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Connected for life


As I was reading The Way We Live Now – The Overextended Family, my thoughts kept wandering back to 2001. The year when my husband and I “met.” What started as a random e-mail conversation connecting us through the intertubes halfway across the world, turned into a “virtual” courtship that resulted in an online…
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America isn’t the world. The world is not America.

America's Map of the World

I was going through some of my old files yesterday and found a report I’d written right after visiting a high school in Iowa. It was an eye-opening experience, to say the least. And I’m sorry to state that these experiences aren’t just representative of Iowan highschoolers, they pretty much reflect the narrow worldview…
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The iPhone — not just an idle timepass


Everyone knew the iPhone was going to be big even before it was launched. But when people started developing apps to simplify even the simplest of things, the rage caught on. The story behind the iPhone-app-created cover image of The New Yorker’s June 1 edition only goes to show how far we have come…
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20th Annual Silicon Valley Walk for AIDS


This year I’m participating. I’ve been a mute observer and occasional donor, but never really had the motivation or enthusiasm to participate. Why this year, then? Well, firstly because I can walk 5.2 miles without collapsing (unlike the past couple of years when my stamina and my left knee were both a problem) and…
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Would you like to join them for dinner, dancing and eternity?

Sunset in Jamaica

Had to share this unique wedding invitation. Love the last line, “dinner and dancing and eternity to follow.” Zoom in.   Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2010 Mansi Bhatia
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