Keep the momentum going

February 1, 2010

When I started this blog last year, I had every intention of populating it with good content on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But within a couple of weeks, the enthusiasm fizzled away. I switched jobs, went on a two-week safari adventure, and then got busy with … life. You know how it is.

Ever since I revived the blog on January 12, I vowed that I’d not let it be a repeat of last year’s half-hearted endeavor. I’ve heard from a lot of people on forums lately that keeping the momentum going is a common problem.

You already have a theme in mind, topics of interest, the focus of your blog — that part is all panned out. The problem is thinking of fresh content that will interest your readers.

Perhaps, some of these tips will come in handy as you continue your expedition in the blogosphere:

  • Read: newspapers, magazines, other blogs — they offer you food for thought. Chew, digest, and then write what you think about the goings-on.
  • Watch: TV, movies, people around you — observe quirks, analyze storylines, review interpersonal interactions, and then reflect.
  • Listen:  to podcasts, the radio, songs, mutterings in the workplace, the little voice inside your head — appreciate, synthesize, and then compose.
  • Smell: food, the fresh air, the earth when it rains, your kid’s diaper, perspiration, perfume — inhale/exhale, pause, and then scribe.
  • Taste: chocolate, tears, wine, success — relish and then share.
  • Feel: anger, love, pain, confusion, happiness, whimsy — pour it all out.

There’s plenty that happens on an everyday basis to provide you with good material for blogging. Life happens — and instead of using it as an excuse not to blog, use it to leverage your writing.

All you need is an open mind, a willing heart, and discipline.

Got other tips? Do share.

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    […] No inspiring thoughts, no raging debates in my head, no points of contention to be made. During the course of the day, though, I’ve found that someone says something or I observe/read something that triggers a train of thoughts — some “normal” life event that helps keep the momentum going. […]


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