If you sell it, we will buy

March 22, 2010

I always have a list when I go grocery shopping — whether it’s for the weekly produce or the monthly household needs.

I learned quickly I needed to do that lest I start exploring aisles and be lured into buying things I don’t need.

I’ve ended up with many a random thing thanks to my deviancy: a spinning spice jar that takes up much more counter space at home than in a warehouse; a citrus squeezer that’s dwarfed by my super-efficient juicer; cute notebooks that are still sealed in their original packing; plush flip-flops — really how many pairs does one need to walk the one wooded area in the house?

I didn’t need any of those things. Didn’t even really want them. But the advertising gimmick was so alluring, the packaging so inviting, and the price so right, that I gave in.

Yesterday, a friend shared this video which takes our obsession with buying anything that looks good and is marketed well, to another level. You won’t regret spending time watching it.

My favorite bit is where two women drink bottled water with a spider in it. A big, black spider in the water! Check it out:

In countries like India where filtered water in a bottle is more of a precaution than a status symbol, this won’t apply, but no matter where you are in this world, you will identify with falling for marketing BS.

I hate shopping, so I suppose that works in my favor. But even those of you who love to spend time in malls, making lists of things you really need before you head out the door might not entirely be a bad thing.

Think about the above video the next time you get enticed into buying something “fancy” — are you just making a laughing-stock of yourself?

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2 Responses to If you sell it, we will buy

  1. SusanNo Gravatar on March 22, 2010 at 4:32 pm


    For the last few days I have been thinking along the same lines: The lure of the eye, as I would term it. This quality is so prevalent in our present-day scenario that almost all the houses have things that they do not need or do not use.

    Strange how two people think about the same things; But don’t worry, I will not translate the thoughts into a post. I shall not plagiarise (at least for now).

    Mansi, another thing: Can you please read through my blog and give me your constructive criticisms. Please do so if you have the time and inclination.

    Have a good day.

    Joy always,

    • Mansi BhatiaNo Gravatar on March 23, 2010 at 4:03 pm

      That is what the Internet does — brings like-minded people together. I’m not surprised you had the same ideas. I have, on occasion, experienced something similar. :-)
      And yes, I will give you some feedback on your blog … I need to carve some time out for my pleasure reading. I certainly have the inclination … which means I will make the time :-)
      Thanks, as always, for stopping by and sharing your insights.


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