November 2, 2010

Being an aunt HomecomingIn a short span of 24 hours I have been transformed from being a friend, a wife, and a professional to being chachi, mami, bhabhi, bahu and beti.

The kids are swarming around me like bees to honey. “Chachi please check my homework; mami please talk to me in English; bhabhi please tell him not to do this and this and this.”

It’s a different world … one where I am the center of attention. I am being fed constantly (I have certainly gained three kilos in the last day!); the kids are always searching for me; and the elders just keep looking affectionately.

We’re sharing a lot of laughs, walking down various memory lanes, enjoying being together.

The mosquitoes, pollution, heat, and dogs barking in the middle of the night — well, that’s another thing.

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