Happy Birthday

September 27, 2010

One day in the year

When you’re the center of attention

King or queen for the day.

As a kid

Waiting to blow out

The candles

And cut the  cake

Singing Happy Birthday To You

For yourself

Anticipating gifts

Without a care

For the careful wrapping

Or the greeting cards

Gleefully expending energy

And crashing by the time

The guests leave.

As an adult

You look forward

To spending quality time

With a spouse or

Significant other

And cap it off with

A party with friends

Dinner, cocktails, and conversations

Being the highlight

With little concern for a cake

Or any gifts

(certainly not the careful wrapping)

Or the greeting cards

Singing, dancing, celebrating

The gift of life

Into the wee hours

Of the morning.

birthday 1024x791 Happy Birthday

Your birthday

The one day in the year

When you look

Forward and


Either full of

Exuberant energy

Excited about the things to come


Full of the realization

That you only have

A limited amount

Of time left

To live.

Either way

A cause for celebration.

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. BillNo Gravatar on September 27, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Hi Sweetie, I’m still around just working like a crazy man…things should settle down in a week or so & maybe life will get back to normal…we’ll see, may be moving to Denver. I’ve never really celebrated my birthday much. My birthday is 11/26 & it’s either on or near Thanksgiving so I’ve never had my own “party” I’ve just always celebrated with family on Thanksgiving, as I approach a milestone this year I reflect a lot on what I’ve done & where I still want to go. Markers like birthdays are important only to understand the journey you’ve taken in your life & where the next moment will take you.



    PS I’m still always 6 when it comes to living in the moment!!

    • Mansi BhatiaNo Gravatar on September 29, 2010 at 10:09 am

      Bill, you are back!! I have missed you … but have continued to enjoy your tweets. I could sense there was a lot going on in your life — hopefully all good, aye?

      Thanks for sharing your insights about birthdays — they’ve always held a special meaning for me, although my husband’s point of view is: “it’s just another day.” I, like you, see it as an opportunity to take stock of the past and plan for the future.

  2. Susan DeborahNo Gravatar on September 27, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Definitely a cause for celebration as it amazes me that another year has passed and I’m fortunate enough to see another. I will be celebrating mine soon and this serves as a lovely remainder of the past and the forthcoming.

    Thanks for this dear Mansi and I hope you are having a lovely week.

    Joy and much love,

    • Mansi BhatiaNo Gravatar on September 29, 2010 at 10:10 am

      Thank YOU, Susan. I hope you have a wonderful celebration and a year filled with much laughter, love and success.


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