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I’ve found my voice!

The Kiss

A writer finds her voice in the world of iPhoneography. A challenging, yet rewarding journey that wouldn’t have been possible without constant encouragement and inspiration from some iPhoneography greats.

A sliver of India


When seen through an Indian’s eyes, India looks very different from the promos one sees internationally. It’s not about the monuments, it’s about the moments.

1,000 words


A picture’s worth a thousand words. Here are some of mine. Click on each to know what they represent to me and share your inference with me.

Hooked to the iPad


It is beautiful. It is fast. It is spiffy. And, oh so cool. The way you can expand and contract photos with your thumb and index finger — simply magical. Yes, it looks like a big iPhone, but it’s really so much more. The iPad is a lifestyle gadget that has made working (and playing)…

Not wired 24/7

Social Media

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Stretch a little, drink a glass of water? Rub your eyes and will your body into leaving the warmth of the bed? That used to be me, a couple of years ago. I’d lie curled under my Jaipuri quilt, gazing out the window —…