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A sliver of India


When seen through an Indian’s eyes, India looks very different from the promos one sees internationally. It’s not about the monuments, it’s about the moments.

Of life, death and living

Steve Jobs

1991, 1997, and then again in 2011, I’ve experienced a sudden rush of overwhelming grief. This year, though, it’s been followed by the realization that death can come unannounced to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

A patriot’s story


A soldier stationed on the border is passionate about protecting his country. Why can’t all of us be as passionate about preserving this planet?

Once upon a time…


An estimated 100 million people are homeless worldwide. 100 million people who were like you and me at some point in their lives. 100 million people with pasts we readily discount. 100 million people with stories that start with “once upon a time…”

Living with Disabilities — the conclusion

Walk in shoes

When I started researching my discomfort with disabilities, my approach was laden with assumptions, stereotypes and prejudices. As I waded through texts on disability studies, I began to realize the complexity and depth of the issues involved. But it was meeting and talking with people that brought the issues to life. Books analyzed the schism…