Photoblogger for October

Congratulations to Armands for being selected Photoblogger of the Month!

Armands identifies himself as a dad first, a husband second, and a photographer third.

Based in Riga, the capital of Latvia, he started taking photography seriously in 2007, a couple of months after having bought his first DSLR.

“Nature and landscape (especially seascapes) photography is my favorite,” he says. “And my favorite time of day is when the sun meets the horizon and the light comes to its extremes.”

You can witness his love for landscapes in the beautiful selection of photos here and on his website.

I absolutely adore the panoramic view his photos provide. The rich colors (and sometimes their absence), the composition, the lighting — even a novice like myself can immediately appreciate his effort and technique.

Whether it’s the top of a bank building or a tree he calls his own, Armands has a way of capturing still life, little moments in time, with absolute perfection.

“I am fascinated by the way photography can make things visible that are invisible to the naked eye,” he says. “It is the combination of magic and science that makes photography so attractive to me and I hope I can bring some of that magic over to the viewers.”

My absolute favorite from his collection of images is the stunning beach shot he calls “Two and a Half Minutes.”

“I wanted to take a sunset scene on the western rocky seaside of Latvia,” he says. “Unfortunately it started raining. But I waited in the car while it stopped. The sun was already down and behind the clouds so that two and a half minutes exposure was necessary to get a result.”

The warm colors, the dreamy sky, the tinge of sunlight, the wet sand beckon to me. Immediately making me feel part of the image. Transporting me … mind, body and soul.

He even manages to make the kelp look inviting!

For someone who considers this a serious hobby, Armands is a very talented photographer.

I hope you will take a couple of minutes to explore his gallery.

But before you head off, here are some tips he’d like to share:

  1. Work hard on every photograph.
  2. Good photography is not about lucky snapshots.
  3. Plan your work.
  4. Think well before taking the shot – think about the composition, the light, the message your photograph will potentially deliver.
  5. Do postprocessing as much as you need, and if you do not succeed, start all over again.
  6. Be self critical.
  7. Show only your best work.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s selected photoblogger. If you would like to be considered for the Photoblogger of the Month award, or would like to nominate someone, please drop me a line.

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