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Three blogging questions: Why? What? When?

Blog Traffic

I think we’re way past the time when blogging was becoming a rage and just about anyone who had any Web savviness to boast of was already on the bandwagon. In this age of “micro-blogging” a.k.a. 140-character tweets and myriad social networks, what is the relevance of blogging? Well, here are my top three...
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Why get a master’s degree?

Master's degree

I’ve had this discussion quite a few times with a close friend, always seemingly failing to convince her that it’s not an effort in vain and it’s certainly not a waste of time. Yesterday, The New York Times published a debate showcasing viewpoints from experts in the industry and academia on what a master’s...
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Good Web writing is a skill


For those of you re-purposing, or producing, news content as well as magazine-style features for the Web, here are a few handy pointers: Make it concise - you don’t want your readers scrolling through reams and reams of text. Good writing doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy. Break it up - subheads help the...
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Interview tip: you’re a CEO


Perhaps, you’ve never thought of your name as a brand before and yourself as a company — but indulge me for a minute here. When you go for an interview, what are you really doing? Selling yourself. In a stipulated amount of time you present a brief synopsis of your achievements, you gloat over...
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Five tips for journalism/PR newbies


Love writing: If you don’t absolutely love writing, don’t take a job in which you’ll spend more than 75 percent of the time working with, and around, words. As with everything else, writing becomes second nature with practice but if you don’t enjoy it to begin with, there’s no reason for you to get...
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Use vs. Utilize


My friend and colleague Professor Andy Wood provides some insights into the usage of “Use vs. Utilize” today — interesting read. I agree with him in that utilize is often used in place of use to bolster credibility. simple strategy: bigger word, stronger impact The Grammar Girl’s take on the usage can be summed...
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The writing process


Often, my interviewees find themselves wondering what goes behind writing an article for a magazine…so, how do you collect story ideas? What happens next? Do you ever get the writer’s block? Is good writing just a compilation of facts and quotes? I figured I’d put together a list that explains the process a bit...
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