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Walking among the living


Fuzzy mind Wobbly legs A state of delirium Headache Bodyache But free of Heartache The mind sees The eyes sleep The body breathes Pain Comes and goes Reality intermingling With dreams Voices Visions Vitamins Hot and cold Bursts of energy Languid days Restless nights Doctor Medicine Advice Smiling faces Snappy deadlines Work stress Life...
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Celebrating Life

Patt showing a thumbs up

Patt’s favorite word was “Cool.” When I met her the first — and last — time she was in bed, attached to countless tubes. She could barely talk – her limited slurred speech was difficult to understand. She couldn’t get up, couldn’t swallow, and couldn’t breathe on her own. She couldn’t feed herself other...
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Remembering Daadi


Daadi was the epitome of resilience, compassion, patience and devotion. Not once did she lose her composure in the six odd decades she lived on this planet. Not when she was wheeled into the intensive care unit. Not when doctors gave up on her. Not even when Daada, my stone-faced grandfather, broke down the...
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