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Live long, live healthy


As I type this post I am forced to sit up straight thanks to a back brace. Long story short, I pulled a back muscle while lifting something heavy from the back of my trunk and next thing I know, the doctor’s prescribing an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxor, a gel, and the brace. While...
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Yo-pi mix

Yoga and Pilates mix

“Leave the worries of the world behind you” “Center yourself” “Close your eyes and listen to your body” “Think of nothing” “Exhale and let it all go” Words that mean nothing when you’re reading them on your screen. But when you hear them at the end of the day with soothing background music lightly...
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Stretch your mental muscles

Stretch your mental muscles

January 1 seems such a long time ago – remember that was the day you promised yourself you’d start working on a number of things? The annual resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, drink less … Most people I know are gung-ho the first month with the excitement and motivation fizzling a little by...
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