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Silence is golden

Enjoy the Silence

Why is silence so uncomfortable? Whether it be a shared commute or a lunch conversation, a pregnant pause always seems to make things awkward. People avoid eye contact, or shoot each other faint smiles trying hard to think of something to say. In elevator rides they resort to talking about the weather. In cabs,...
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Performance reviews don’t suck

Performance Reviews

A colleague sent me this article from the Wall Street Journal bashing — nay, ripping apart — performance reviews. While Samuel A. Culbert dismisses this procedure adopted across all companies as a standard measure of employees’ skills/achievements/career trajectory, it’s hard for me to imagine the corporate world doing away with the idea altogether. He...
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I want it all. I want it now

Instant Gratification

I have been watching some afternoon television the last couple of days (thanks to this never-ending plague-like sickness) and in between all the sanctimonious advice, the rampant love affairs, and the extreme makeovers I see one message over and over again: You can have it all. And hold on, if you call in the...
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