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Never give up

pen writing

This post is dedicated to the fabulous, hard-working interns in my office. Just a reminder that the journey to your destination doesn’t always mimic a direct flight; it’s more like a bumpy bus ride with many transfers. ———- My love affair with words started with solving the “Word Power” section of Reader’s Digest. I...
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You can’t get away from procrastination


I procrastinate. A lot. It’s not that I don’t want to arrange my overflowing closet, or don’t want to proof that 150-word invitation … it’s just that I don’t feel like it. It’s not urgent, appealing, or motivating enough for me to dive right in and take care of it. I recognize when I...
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What do you bring to the table?


As I read Amit Varma’s post on August 22 about the need to get away from society and its craziness in order to find the time and peace to collect one’s thoughts, I was struck by the question at the end of the post: What is there to be said that hasn’t been said...
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Are you an adult, yet?


I read Robin Marantz Henig’s “What Is It About 20 somethings?” in the August 18 online edition of the New York Times Magazine with much interest. Henig reports on various studies and hypotheses, most prominently Jeffrey Jensen Arnett‘s, who calls the 20s the “stage of emerging adulthood.” Henig observes that: One-third of people in...
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Redefining the business of marriage: putting mind over matter

beauty is skin deep

A friend found the “love of his life” on a matrimonial website. After seeing hundreds of photographs and commenting on each and every one’s height, complexion, nose-shape, assumed weight, and dress sense, he finally found one that was closest to his ideal image of an Indian bride. He has not even met her, but...
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Peepli [Live] — our apathy exposed


Peepli tackles many big issues in a span of 106 short-minutes the only way it could be done – with a generous dash of humor. I was struck by how we depend on levity to get us through reality. There were a lot of laughs interspersed with moments of deathly silence in the...
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Surviving a stroke

Brain and stroke

This one is from the archives. A recent health issue has prompted me to think about life with physical constraints. Every time I wonder what I’d do were I to lose the use of any of my senses or limbs, I think of two people — Janice and Nancy. This is Janice’s story that...
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Social Media – Connecting the Dots

Connecting people from all over the world

The following is a guest post by David Roy, senior program assistant at the University of British Columbia, who helps teachers and non-teachers further their post-secondary education. Married with no kids, but a cat and seven rats, he spends his days gaming, blogging, reading, and trying to stay sane in this increasingly insane world....
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Why responsible journalism matters

CNN Twitter

I saw this note from Indexed yesterday and couldn’t help but piggyback on it for a more elaborate post. All of us know that journalists play an integral role in keeping people accountable. In bringing to the fore stories that would most readily be swept under the rug. In highlighting the unsung heroes. And...
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Memories of Iowa City

Blanket of snow

Memories Of green meadows With massive trees That turned red, brown Orange, golden yellow All the colors of a sunset In the middle of a park. Memories Of walking at midnight Sometimes fast To catch a bus Sometimes leisurely Taking in the beauty Of everyday simplicity. Memories Of a 10 by 10 room In...
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