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Dahi hota hai!

dahi hota hai

There was a lot of debate last month about the gender of dahi (yogurt). I investigated it further on my trip to India and have received a conclusive answer.
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When sons trump daughters


Despite the fact that Indian daughters go above and beyond to support their parents, it is still desirable to have a son. Why? So parents can depart peacefully.
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The Great Dahi Debate


What started as a non-threatening debate grounded in mirth took a life of its own when I posted it on this public forum. Friends, near and far, old and new, real and virtual, chimed in on IM, through e-mail, and in person to share their two cents about the gender of dahi (yogurt).
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Why do women wear heels?


Would you wear something that hurts you? I mean, literally causes you physical pain … Day in and day out? Over and over? Would you recognize it’s because of peer pressure and curse all your colleagues and friends who suffer in silence, but still carry on? Would you heave a sigh of relief at...
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Yeah, blame it on the kids!


A recent New York Times Magazine article caught my eye with the headline: Do Daughters Cause Divorce? As a child who’d witnessed her fair share of “normal” bickering between her parents, it took me only a second to click on the link. This is how the article began: Parents of girls are 5 percent...
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The battle of the sexes


As I watched Modern Family last night (which, by the way, is the best new comedy on the airwaves these days) I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when one of the characters woke her daughter in the middle of the night and beseeched her teenager to teach her how to use the remote....
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