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Dahi hota hai!

dahi hota hai

There was a lot of debate last month about the gender of dahi (yogurt). I investigated it further on my trip to India and have received a conclusive answer.
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When sons trump daughters


Despite the fact that Indian daughters go above and beyond to support their parents, it is still desirable to have a son. Why? So parents can depart peacefully.
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The Great Dahi Debate


What started as a non-threatening debate grounded in mirth took a life of its own when I posted it on this public forum. Friends, near and far, old and new, real and virtual, chimed in on IM, through e-mail, and in person to share their two cents about the gender of dahi (yogurt).
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I am my own woman

Wedding Bangles

We were newlyweds at the Lucknow airport checking in for our flight to New Delhi, onwards to San Francisco — we had been assigned seats a couple of rows away from each other, so we requested to be seated together. The agent refused. “You don’t have the same last names,” he said. Wait. What?...
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