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Living with the dying

Doctors and nurses caricature

Before I met Patt, I had no idea what it was like for someone relatively young to be “ready” for death. Her indomitable spirit and joyful nature helped ease the suffering for her and her family, but a lot of credit goes to the nurses and the hospice care team who ensured her every...
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Empathy and sympathy

Empathy or Sympathy?

When you tell someone you Understand You’ve felt their pain You’ve been there, too, You’re empathizing. . When you pity someone Or feel sorry For them Or their situation, You’re sympathizing. . When you try To step into their shoes And lend an ear Or a shoulder, You’re empathizing. . When you try To...
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Parents aren’t perfect

Settle dispute

Your parents aren’t always right. They are not flawless. They’re not always virtuous. They won’t always be there when you need them. They lie. They err. They fight. They sometimes set bad examples. They are unreasonable. They are demanding. They are needy. A lot of times they’re simply selfish. At all times — they’re...
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