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Stop Child Abuse

This one is from the archives. This poem holds a special meaning for me because of two reasons: It was recognized by UNICEF as a literary piece spreading awareness about child abuse, specifically that of the girl child. It introduced me to my life partner — this was the first piece of my writing...
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Gift for your baby girl: a breastfeeding doll

baby breast feeder

Yesterday, a friend forwarded a Huffington Post slideshow of the seven most inappropriate toys for children. I was appalled, needless to say, but one that had me going “No way!” at the top of my lungs was this particular product: The Bebé Glotón breastfeeding doll. Who in their right minds would buy a four-year-old...
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Laying the groundwork


It is amazing how much pity I’ve garnered in the last three decades just by virtue of being an only child. From relatives to friends and acquaintances everyone has given me a fair share of sympathetic support. It has been endearing while at the same time amusing to be the object of affection of...
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