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Living with the dying

Doctors and nurses caricature

Before I met Patt, I had no idea what it was like for someone relatively young to be “ready” for death. Her indomitable spirit and joyful nature helped ease the suffering for her and her family, but a lot of credit goes to the nurses and the hospice care team who ensured her every...
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Live long, live healthy


As I type this post I am forced to sit up straight thanks to a back brace. Long story short, I pulled a back muscle while lifting something heavy from the back of my trunk and next thing I know, the doctor’s prescribing an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxor, a gel, and the brace. While...
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Why responsible journalism matters

CNN Twitter

I saw this note from Indexed yesterday and couldn’t help but piggyback on it for a more elaborate post. All of us know that journalists play an integral role in keeping people accountable. In bringing to the fore stories that would most readily be swept under the rug. In highlighting the unsung heroes. And...
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I am awesome

Be true to who you are

. I am awesome And you can’t bring me down With your rude remarks Your judgmental tone Or your superiority complex. . I am awesome A superb lover A trustworthy friend A brilliant professional And a dutiful daughter. . I am awesome A woman in a man’s world Making it on my own terms...
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