I believe I can fly

Freedom A refreshing breeze People Looking like Miniature dolls The vast ocean Seagulls’ eyeballs Fear, a non-issue No fear of heights Or dizzying spins No fear of Speed Or falling Only freedom Liberation The thrill of Flying Two whole minutes Of Just Being.   Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2010 Mansi Bhatia Link to this post!
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Walking among the living

Fuzzy mind Wobbly legs A state of delirium Headache Bodyache But free of Heartache The mind sees The eyes sleep The body breathes Pain Comes and goes Reality intermingling With dreams Voices Visions Vitamins Hot and cold Bursts of energy Languid days Restless nights Doctor Medicine Advice Smiling faces Snappy deadlines Work stress Life...
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The truth

reality and truth

Is your truth better or more correct than my truth? Is your truth wiser and more real than my truth? Isn’t your truth the same as my truth in not being universal? Isn’t your truth an amalgamation of experiences in life through your perspective? Isn’t my truththe same in that it is different from...
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The perfect modern-day marriage


. . . You wake up to the alarm Check your e-mails Scan the headlines And go about your business In the bathroom. Get dressed Eat breakfast While surveying The weather and Traffic report for The day. Give each other a peck And drive away To your respective Offices. Eight hours of separation With...
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Time is slipping away from me Today Like the sand in my hand The water from a broken dam Tears of grief I can’t hold on to it No matter how hard I try It’s slipping like an ice cube An oiled burglar A slurpy noodle A skier gone astray A foot on a...
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How will you be remembered?

Loving, caring, compassionate Wife, daughter and friend Enjoyed writing Cooking Playing with toddlers. Funny in her sarcastic way Witty, intelligent, feminist Traveled the world Wrote numerous Bestsellers. Taught others How to pause And smell the flowers Appreciate their loved ones And count their blessings. Always sought New knowledge Asking questions Relentlessly Of friends and...
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‘Til death do us part

You tie the knot And commit To a lifetime Of togetherness —- You promise to Be there Through sickness And health Good times And bad —- You discover Each other Every day Laugh and cry At little things And big —- You share Moments Of silence And heated Debates All the time Creating Memories...
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I want to be…

I want to be a giant sequoia tree Standing tall And gracefully In my old age Unfazed by fires And competition Riding high on My success - A result of Hard work And hardiness. —- I want to be a giant sequoia tree One in a million Sturdy, long-lasting Growing stronger With every Passing...
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Fear Of the unknown The untrodden path The unscaled heights The unexplored depths. … Fear Of failure Shame Depravity Discomfort. … Fear Of loneliness Sickness Disability Death. … Fear Of people Natural calamities Apocalypses God. … Fear Of being let down Forgotten Shortchanged Taken for granted. … Fear Of the known The challenges The...
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When we were kids…

Fooling around in a restaurant to keep myself amused

When we were kids We did not have Games simulating the outdoors Indoors. ….. When we were kids We did not have Barney to entertain us So we would eat. ….. When we were kids We did not have Every facet of our life Visually cataloged. ….. When we were kids We did not...
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