20th Annual Silicon Valley Walk for AIDS

June 15, 2009

w4a logo 2009 web large 300x178 20th Annual Silicon Valley Walk for AIDSThis year I’m participating.

I’ve been a mute observer and occasional donor, but never really had the motivation or enthusiasm to participate.

Why this year, then?

Well, firstly because I can walk 5.2 miles without collapsing (unlike the past couple of years when my stamina and my left knee were both a problem) and secondly, because my husband and I have always talked about volunteering but never quite gotten around to doing anything about it. Inertia, I guess.

I think this will give us a taste of fundraising as well and tap into our network of friends and coworkers who care about making a difference. Another driving force for us has been this slogan: I can’t, but we can. So, we named our team “Together We Can” — join us on Sunday, October 18, or donate what you can. If you can’t do either, at least spread the word.

Because, it matters.

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