End-of-year review

December 9, 2010

december End of year reviewFamily newsletter? Check.
Christmas shopping? Check.
Last vacation of the year? Check.
List of office parties to attend? Check.

December flies by quicker than any other month. There’s so much activity, both at work and home that every day seems a blur blending into the next one.

For me, most of this year has been like December.

I didn’t travel as much as I’d have liked, but I did spend an entire month in India (which kind of made up for all the other not-embarked-upon trips).

I worked insane hours, did a fair amount of socializing, did an even bigger amount of babysitting, and partook in many culinary adventures – both within and outside our home.

Professionally, I achieved a lot. I got a good amount of name recognition on campus in a very short time and it was heartening to see my work being acknowledged by peers and supervisors alike.

Personally, I grew enormously. I developed a lot of empathy for my near and dear ones, forgave when I couldn’t forget, and also learned to make peace with those who don’t see my point of view.

As I sit and take stock of my life this past year, and more important, chart out my path for next year (and beyond), I can’t help but wonder how many people engage in such an exercise on an annual basis.

In January 2010, I wrote about the need to carve out opportunities for personal development. I’d said:

As I deliberate on which conferences to consider for the year ahead, I’m also wondering why we, in general, don’t spend more time investigating personal development opportunities.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go on a retreat at least once a year for oneself?
Doesn’t it make sense to introduce some pause in one’s life, so one can introspect, review, and regroup?

It’s been almost a year since I wrote this and as I re-read it I’m reminded that despite the blur my life has been this past year, I did take time to check in with myself. I did look out the window ever so often and contemplate my life situation. I did go on walks where I questioned what I was doing, challenged myself to think out of the box and discovered how hard it is to be truly honest with oneself.

It’s because I was able to do mini-evaluations all throughout the year, that I can now sit back and do a big recap. When I can take all those small moments and rehash them, dig deeper, ask myself even harder questions, and hopefully come up with answers that allow me to live the life I want to.

I am going all in.

Are you ready to have that talk with yourself before 2010 ends?

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