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December 16, 2010

usa v2 Create your own LinkedIn buzzwordsYou’ve probably seen the techmeme about the 10 most overused buzzwords in LinkedIn Profiles.

Well, the first thing I, like many other LinkedIn users, did was check my profile against this argot.

In a way it was a relief to find out that I hadn’t used any of these buzzwords to describe my professional identity. 85 million people used these words most commonly and I wasn’t one of them.

To be an outcast even in something like that!

I muttered a silent “wow” and started checking these buzzwords against my recommendations. Funnily enough, those who’ve endorsed me believe in that overused phraseology, making my profile somewhat a part of that multi-million strong LinkedIn clique. Some thought I was motivated, others commented on my skills as a teamplayer.

Whew! Saved by my colleagues!

Have you checked your LinkedIn profile recently?

What are you telling the world about your professional accomplishments? How are you showcasing your career path? Are you saying it in a way that makes you stand out or are you just one of the many people in your field craning your neck to get noticed?

Your resume — and as an extension your LinkedIn profile — needs to be to the point.

You’re not there to use “big” words and tell a story — you’re there to demonstrate your skillsets.

You can do the storytelling in your cover letter (even so, I would recommend that be less than 300 words and add something to your resume instead of just being a summary of what’s inside) and later in the interview.

But for your LinkedIn profile, use active words — deliver, manage, produce, research, lead — to show what you do and how you do it.

Look for other LinkedIn profiles in your industry — how do people describe the same job you’re doing? How can you describe it differently?

I’ve been on both sides of the interviewing table and trust me when I say that these days your interview starts way before you even enter the boardroom.

As soon as your resume reaches the interview committee, the research begins. No surprise that LinkedIn is the first stop with Facebook being a close second.

So, while you’re cleaning up your Facebook profile and making sure your MySpace handle (that brands you as a jackass) is no longer publicly visible, do yourself a favor and review your LinkedIn profile for clarity and uniqueness.

Here are some handy tips on building a fleshed-out LinkedIn profile and doing it well:

Also, try using the new LinkedIn Resume Builder — it drives home the point that your LinkedIn profile really is interchangeable with your resume.

Additional tip: For those of you in creative professions, check out how VisualCV can add some oomph to a pretty standard-looking resume.

I am not job-hunting, but I still keep my LinkedIn profile up-to-date and fresh with new recommendations, revised keywords, and valuable add-ons.

Why? Because I think it’s dumb not to take advantage of a free online tool that helps promote one’s brand. Plus, even though you’re not looking, who knows when (the right) opportunity will stumble across your online profile and come knocking at your door …

What about you — do you have a LinkedIn profile? How much time and effort do you invest in it? Why/ why not?

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