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Sleepless dreams

dream or reality

Have you ever had that kind of night where you dream that you’re lying in bed awake? You toss and turn, get up and drink water, go to the restroom, stare at the clock, adjust the shades, check your e-mails … but in reality all of that is really a dream. You’re lying in…
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Gifts men should not give women

Woman Receiving a Gift

I recently read a blog post talking about why men should give women flowers and instantly I knew I had to do a follow-up post of my own on why men shouldn’t! While I’m at it, I might as well list everything else I think men should not gift women. 1. Let’s start with…
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Double century


It’s a big achievement or a miniscule one depending on the way you look at it. This is my 200th post. 200 days of pouring my heart out, debating, questioning, musing, and venting. 200 days of support from all you readers who make this enterprise so much fun. I started writing on a daily…
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Happy Birthday


One day in the year When you’re the center of attention King or queen for the day. As a kid Waiting to blow out The candles And cut the  cake Singing Happy Birthday To You For yourself Anticipating gifts Without a care For the careful wrapping Or the greeting cards Gleefully expending energy And…
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Why do women wear heels?


Would you wear something that hurts you? I mean, literally causes you physical pain … Day in and day out? Over and over? Would you recognize it’s because of peer pressure and curse all your colleagues and friends who suffer in silence, but still carry on? Would you heave a sigh of relief at…
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A constipated mind


I’ve heard people say that their mind is constipated when they’re having the infamous writer’s block. The tightness, the discomfort, the clogging together of everything you ingest … it isn’t pleasant. You’re in a foul mood. Colleagues give unasked-for advice. You can’t focus. And all in all it’s just grumpiness galore. You try to…
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The last meal

Matar Paratha

It’s no secret that I am a foodie. I enjoy the aromas, the texture, the combinations, the colors, the tastes, the variety of ingredients. I am amazed by how cultures interpret different food items and how each section of society has a different way of cooking the same veggies. I don’t live to eat,…
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What do you believe?


Recently I was interviewed by a high school student for a class assignment. His topic was Religion: Creed, Community, Calling and he asked me a lot of questions pertaining to my upbringing, my exposure to religion, my parent’s views, and my own beliefs. In telling him how I’ve come to an agnostic standpoint, I…
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Yeah, blame it on the kids!


A recent New York Times Magazine article caught my eye with the headline: Do Daughters Cause Divorce? As a child who’d witnessed her fair share of “normal” bickering between her parents, it took me only a second to click on the link. This is how the article began: Parents of girls are 5 percent…
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Bluehost outage results in Twitter love and backup plans


Last night my website was inaccessible for several hours. Some of you e-mailed to tell me of the issue, others tweeted. The hosting company apparently had a power outage and needed a transformer replaced (read enraged tweets here) — not something they could’ve controlled. Some reports said that Bluehost knew about the outage prior…
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