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Living with Disabilities — Part 3

diabetes prick

Read Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing this non-fiction account of these two women who showed me what it’s like to live a disabled life surrounded by “normal” people. —————— The “milder” disability Bette is a singer and songwriter, a registered nurse, a mother of three, and a music therapy student. She is…
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Living with Disabilities — Part 2


Read part 1 of this non-fiction account here, then get a cup of tea or coffee and cozy up with your preferred mobile or desktop device. This isn’t going to be one of those fast reads. ———- First Encounters The first time I saw Nancy standing was when I attended her physical therapy class….
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Living with Disabilities: Exploring the Self and the Other


Today, I share with you the introduction to a story I wrote in 2004 about two women disabled in very different ways … one a diabetic and the other a paralyzed stroke victim. Part 1 is not so much their story as mine…in the next three days, I will take you on their journeys…
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The other side of me

other side of me

I see you in the shower head bowed eyes closed standing still letting the water wash away your stress. I see you eyes glazed over staring into the technicolor images on the TV but not really watching anything. I see you watering the plants lost in your own world as you pluck out dead…
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Pink ribbon fatigue

pink ribbon

So, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I hear that there is this crazy Facebook meme going around about women telling all and sundry where they like it. I like it on the floor I like it on the couch I like it in the closet … With the “it” being their purse….
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When memories are all you have…

incomplete without you

It was 7 p.m. As he drove home on Dubai’s busy commuter streets, his mind wandered. He knew this was going to be another long drive. If Neela were sitting in the passenger seat, it would have been a long, chatty drive — with her doing all the talking. The air conditioner was roaring…
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Mansi asks: Can you forgive without forgetting?

I remember

I have thought a lot about this question and I simply cannot bring myself to answer it any other way except saying, “No!” With time, people say that wounds heal … emotional scars fade … and one grows out of the pain. All of that may be true. I may not feel the same…
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From Iowa with love…

scarf detail

“Dear Goddess,” started the letter. She had obviously read my post and committed the meaning of my name to memory. I was speechless as the contents of the carefully unwrapped package were revealed. I stared at this piece of sheer beauty for a good 30 seconds before I bent forward to touch it. The…
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I am not perfect


I am not curvy or lady-like in physical appearance or mannerisms. I am ambitious and have a strong sense of self-worth. I snore I hate shopping I don’t like socializing. I hate doing the laundry and the dishes and am no fan of keeping things organized. I like hanging out with the guys And…
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Photoblogger for October


Congratulations to Armands for being selected Photoblogger of the Month! Armands identifies himself as a dad first, a husband second, and a photographer third. Based in Riga, the capital of Latvia, he started taking photography seriously in 2007, a couple of months after having bought his first DSLR. “Nature and landscape (especially seascapes) photography…
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