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Age is just a number

Laura smiling

When I first met Laura in 2006, she left a distinct impression on me. Slightly less than five-feet tall, she had a personality that towered over everyone else’s. We were at History San Jose attending a class on feelings and spirituality — she and 15 other people as members of the Osher Lifelong Learning…
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My spot in the sun

Screenshot of the The University of Iowa Alumni Association website

A couple of months ago, I received an e-mail from the editor of Iowa Alumni Magazine, the bimonthly alumni publication of my alma mater. She wondered if I would be willing to answer some questions about my experiences as a student at The University of Iowa. I happily obliged. I used to be the…
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Doing things just because…

Nani -- my maternal grandmother

Every time I cut my nails, I think of Nani, my maternal grandmother. She visited us briefly every other year – couldn’t stay for long, since it was her daughter’s house. Over the years mom rationalized with her…telling her she was not a “burden” and that if she ate in our house, she wouldn’t…
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‘Til death do us part

Till death do us part

You tie the knot And commit To a lifetime Of togetherness —- You promise to Be there Through sickness And health Good times And bad —- You discover Each other Every day Laugh and cry At little things And big —- You share Moments Of silence And heated Debates All the time Creating Memories…
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Lessons from a whiteboard

Blank whiteboard

I have a whiteboard at work. I inherited it from the break room area in the old building when we moved off-campus. Interns used to doodle on it; the office manager would sometimes write important dates; and the staff used it as a backrest when conversing over a cup of coffee. It was a…
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Photoblogger for July

Puppy Charm by Diane Varner

Congratulations to Diane Varner for being selected Photoblogger of the Month! Diane’s blog “Daily Walks” invites people to experience the magic of the Northern California coastline and forests. She is adept at capturing the essence of life through her lens — dewdrops on flowers, sunlight streaming through the fog, a fallen maple leaf…she is…
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