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Colleagues or friends?


As I prepare to start a new chapter in my life, I have been reflecting a lot on the last four years I’ve spent at my current job. I’ve gained a lot of new experiences, got the opportunity to serve on several committees, learned a lot of different writing styles…but most valuable of all,…
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Three blogging questions: Why? What? When?

Blog Traffic

I think we’re way past the time when blogging was becoming a rage and just about anyone who had any Web savviness to boast of was already on the bandwagon. In this age of “micro-blogging” a.k.a. 140-character tweets and myriad social networks, what is the relevance of blogging? Well, here are my top three…
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Laying the groundwork


It is amazing how much pity I’ve garnered in the last three decades just by virtue of being an only child. From relatives to friends and acquaintances everyone has given me a fair share of sympathetic support. It has been endearing while at the same time amusing to be the object of affection of…
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What is the most popular source of information for you?


Poll: What is the most popular source of information for you? Click on one of the hyperlinks below to reflect your choice 1) Online social media sites (examples: Twitter, Facebook) 2) News sites (examples:, 3) Newspapers 4) Television 5) Friends/colleagues If the most popular source of information for you is not listed…
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Protected: An ode to my best friend

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Why get a master’s degree?

Master's degree

I’ve had this discussion quite a few times with a close friend, always seemingly failing to convince her that it’s not an effort in vain and it’s certainly not a waste of time. Yesterday, The New York Times published a debate showcasing viewpoints from experts in the industry and academia on what a master’s…
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