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A stunted approach to personal growth

Be Good To Yourself

Like most folks working in corporate America, every year I am asked to identify areas of professional development. For the past four years I have been going to the Editors Forum, a conference that brings together writers and magazine editors from the world of higher education to exchange ideas, explore uncharted territories, and look…
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Visual storytelling: learning the ropes


When I was doing my master’s in journalism (magazine track), we were taught to build a story — have a hook to pull people in at the outset, sprinkle interesting details throughout, show and not tell, have a surprise element close to the end, round it out with a conclusion that triggered an emotion:…
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Thousands die in Haiti earthquake

Yesterday, as news poured in about the devastation in Haiti (just west of the DR), a shiver went down my spine. When the first images came in, my initial thoughts were rather selfish: this could be us. It could have happened when we were in the DR — what would we have done? Born…
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The five W’s of Web writing

Five W's of Web writing

Before you start posting any informational content on your personal or professional website, consider answering the five W’s as clearly and simply as possible: Who is your audience? Kids? Young adults? Seniors? Parents? Tech-nerds? Tech-dudds? General interest community? A combination of two or more of the above? What is your message? Is it to…
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