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Re-writing my life story


What gives you utmost peace … what can you immerse yourself in day in an day out and derive so much pleasure from it that you become oblivious to everything else? I think I have found my answer. Have you?
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Tired of the 9 to 5


This post is not a veiled resignation letter, but it certainly is a plea for help, for advice, for guidance, for validation and for a reasonable, rational kind of support.
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Gone are the days…


Dedicated to the kids in my life who remind me how far I’ve come on this journey and how detached I’ve become from the simple pleasures of everyday living.
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Photoblogger for December

Sourire pour le photographe - Cairo, Cairo

Patrice Carre, a talented photographer from Le Havre, France, bags First Impressions Photoblogger of the Month award! Check out his portraits — what stories do you see?
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I have been playing today

happy feet

On a gloomy day like today, the one thing that brightened up my mood was Instagram! A fun iPhone app that injects life into the dullest of photos.
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Mansi asks: What lasts longer — love or friendship?


In this week’s series of “Mansi asks:” I wonder aloud if a state of mind (love) lasts longer than a relationship (friendship). What do you think?
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