A new venture

January 14, 2011

mbpix A new venture
My dad loved photography — not so much taking pics as having his photos clicked. He was a very patient model and would come up with all kinds of … how shall I put it … “interesting” poses.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed discovering new ways of looking at mundane things through the viewfinder … things looked dramatically different when framed in a lens.

Those, of course, were the days when we’d take pictures cautiously … conserving camera film for only the “important” pictures. Then there would be that trip to the photo shop and a week-long wait before we could finally see how our snapshots of frozen time turned out.

There was a certain thrill to that process — the wait, the anticipation, the anxiety, the laughter, the disappointment … viewing those photos was an event.

At least that much hasn’t changed. We still gather around as a family to view photographs of trips, milestones, and special events.

But there’s also a new phenomenon of clicking the everyday routine things. Capturing the simple beauty of a local sunrise (when was the last time you thought of taking a pic of the sun rising outside your bedroom window?), a child’s toy, your plants, or the pressure cooker.

There’s something about taking a photo of the simplest of things and seeing them transform into things of beauty.

Welcome to the world of iPhoneography, where millions of iPhone users use their inbuilt phone camera to capture the most mundane of things and metamorphose it into a work of art.

I’m trying my hand at this for two reasons: I love art and this is so darn easy!

I am not a trained photographer — far from it — but I know a beautiful thing when I see it. And that’s what iPhoneography is allowing me to do — not simply appreciate someone else’s work of art, but create some of my own.

I am a writer by training and it’s something I am passionate about, but I’m also an artist at heart. And iPhoneography is affording me the opportunity … the creative outlet to express myself in another way.

After days of looking around for an appropriate template, I have finally settled on one that seems to showcase the iPhone photos best. So, I invite you to walk down the iPhoneography lane with me and if you like what you see, I encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed.

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One Response to A new venture

  1. RACHIT SHARMANo Gravatar on January 15, 2011 at 1:52 am

    A god post indeed. I still have a Kodak camera and it’s a treat clicking it.


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