9 steps: work less and do more

September 10, 2010

Stever Robin’s book, Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, is scheduled to be released September 14 but it’s already been downloaded seven million times on iTunes (with an average 80,000 downloads per week). What makes his book such a popular read? It’s simple, resonates with everyone — from musicians and businessmen to fashionistas and stay-at-home mommies, and it’s got some universal advice that most people are already aware of but aren’t motivated or disciplined enough to follow.

In nine simple steps, Robin tells you how to get more out of your life.

Step 1: Live and work on purpose
Social media sites are a huge time sink and don’t add any value (in terms of what’s really important) to your life. Robin suggests this “must go.” Glad I said bye to Facebook a couple of months ago!

Step 2: Stop procrastinating
I’d written about my issues with procrastination and how there’s no getting away from it. Well, Robin says that if a kick won’t spur you into action, he’ll get an Ostrich feather to tickle you into it. Now that should be interesting!

Step 3: Conquer your technology
The one thing that’s supposed to help us become more efficient, effective, productive, yada, yada, yada — but doesn’t it come in the way more often than actually enabling you to do more with your time? Robin professes he will teach you how to “use your technology to help you focus” — after he’s done checking his instant messages, that is.

Step 4: Cultivate focus
In an age of multi-tasking, being distracted is the norm. I like the pleasantly disturbed Thursdays frame of mind, but if I were like that every day of the week — unstructured, unfocused, letting my mind wander willy-nilly, I wouldn’t get anything done. Would you? No. Robin promises to give you the tools to remain focused devoid of any medicinal supplements.

Step 5: Stay organized
I used to have a messy desk — one that got cleaned only when my mother took some drastic steps. I’m fine with messy because even in my “mess” I know exactly where my things are — my order in chaos — but Robin, no surprise, talks about de-cluttering not just one’s physical space but also one’s mind: “your thinking, your projects, and your processes.” I say, whatever works for the masses!

Step 6: Don’t waste time
Now that’s real easy to say but very, very hard to do. We make so many excuses for not doing things we should be doing — like taking a vacation or spending time with a loved one. Robin will show you how to find the time to eat “bon-bons and sipping fruit flavored beverages in a hammock strung between your computer and your doorframe.”

Step 7: Optimize!
Streamlining is important, as we all know from watching robot-starring movies. Robin gets easily bored doing the same things twice, so you’re guaranteed some tips on how to do things once and do them well. And if you need to do them again — hire someone else. Neah. Just kidding.

Step 8: Build stronger relationships.
Nothing can get done if you’re the only one doing it. Period. All of us need partners in personal and professional arenas. Robin tells how to nurture those relationships that matter in a way that is collaborative and fun. Read: eating cookie dough together.

Step 9: Leverage!
Now I’ll be honest — I have no clue what this last step means, but I’m willing to make a guess that it’s about making the most of all that you already have and know and putting it into action.

Nothing earth-shattering or surprising — just sound advice compiled and presented in a way that will make you want to get out of that couch and actually take care of business.

Sound interesting? If you’d like, you can download the introduction and chapter 1 of the book as well as listen to some audio samples on Stever Robin’s website.

I’ll go check the mail to see if my copy’s here.

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5 Responses to 9 steps: work less and do more

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  2. anon1No Gravatar on September 10, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    And why should I listen to Robin ?! Who/What is he ? What is his credibility ?

    Such books are better titled:
    “Watch me get rich, while I pretend I know what you need to do to get your life back in order”



    • Mansi BhatiaNo Gravatar on September 10, 2010 at 3:07 pm

      He has life experience :-)
      Just like the rest of us…
      Hence, the first and last paras of my post saying it’s nothing earth-shattering and most of it is stuff people already know. They just need to spend some bucks to have someone tell them how to do it. Why do you think such books become bestsellers?

  3. anon1No Gravatar on September 10, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Because people are always looking for an easy fix to their problems.
    Because most people are looking for someone/something to lead the way.
    Because if things don’t work out, it (probably) feels much better to blame someone else rather than take responsibility yourself… (“..But Robin said if I take my pilates buddy out for ice cream I’d lose all this extra weight… “)

    Just because some book is a bestseller, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good read. Ever look at the “Top Stories” link in Google News ?! Those are mostly tales about Lindsay Lohan.
    So I still say HUMBUG !
    But you have a good weekend MB ;)

    ps: WordPress thinks I’m posting my comments too soon!
    pps: I was searching for some info. online while I waiting for wordpress, and lookit what I found:-
    Reading it right now…


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